Environmental protection

Speaker Country Title of the paper Abstract
D. Ehlert Germany X-Pact® Energy Advisor: More Effective Production with Reduces Energy Consuption Text
M. Meyn Germany State of the Art Gas Cleaning and Utilization for BOF Gases: Operational Results and Benefits Text
J.Thomasberger Germany Energy-Efficient Automation for Gas Cleaning Systems Text
C.C. Li Taiwan Effects of Dephosphorization during Steel-making use Recycle Slag in different Ratio of Al2O3/SiO2 Text
S. Bartsch Germany Enrichment of Phosphorous in BOF-slag for Improved Application in Agriculture Text
G. Wimmer Austria Utilization of Converter Slag as a Cement Clinker Substitute Text
P. Tvardek Czech Republic Operational Test of Insulated Ladle Text
M. Eissa Egypt Recycling of Mill Scale Waste Produced from Basic Oxygen Converter Process into Stainless Steel Alloy Text