Plant operation experience

Speaker Country Title of the paper Abstract
A. Heinen Germany Commissioning of the new secondary steelmaking facilities of Saarstahl AG Text
T. Sasaki Japan Heat Loss Reduction at Wakayama Steel Works Text
X.F. Jiang China Optimization of the Converter Combined Blowing Technology Text
M. Cieslar Czech Republic Application of Refractory Materials in the BOF Steel Plant In TŽ, a.s. Třinec Text
R. Taska Czech Republic Refractory Linings of Pig Iron Transfer Ladles Text
S.K. Basu India 50 years of Lamella Suspension and its success in Indian Steel Plants Text
G. Wimmer Austria Review and Comparison of BOF Converter Suspension Systems


P. Gootjes The Netherlands Sublance Retrofit and Upgrade Capability Text
Z. Piegza Czech Republic Results of implementation of Zaptech Proprietary Technologies in BOF shop of Třinecké Železárny Text
H. Pärkkä Finland BOF bottom stirring lifetime and efficiency at SSAB Raahe, Finland Text
S. Willemsen The Netherlands Improving BOS Gas Recovery at Tata Steel Text
S. Ollila Finland Upgrade of Secondary Dedusting System for Converter Steel Plant Text