The 2014 EOSC will be held in the centre of culture TRISIA (GPS N 49°40.10277', E 18°40.48955') TŘINEC (see the website:, the hypertext link in Czech language – “O společnosti”  and  “Virtuální prohlídka”). Třinec is a metallurgical city. In 2014, metallurgical plant of TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s., which is situated in Třinec, will celebrate 175 years from its founding (see the website : Třinec is the city with 38 thousand inhabitants  which is located in the Beskydy Mountains (see the website : The location of Třinec can be found on the  website :  (click on Czech Republic, trinec). Třinec city is situated 5 km south from the border with Poland, 20 km west from the border with Slovakia and 50 km from the Ostrava Airport. Ostrava has a good air connection with Prague (1 hour flight).

Note : The transport from the Ostrava Airport to Třinec  and back will be arranged by organizers of this conference without fee.