The advances in computer technology in the last two decades have revolutionised the character of process understanding. Numerical modelling and simulation of production plants as well as of metallurgy allow the optimization of technological processes, thus reducing production costs and increasing steel quality. On the one hand, physical and numerical modelling may be employed to effectively analyze the fundamentals of the metallurgical processes as well as to visualize them. On the other hand, modern production depends on highly developed models of the processes used. Thus the use of modern computer technology for simulating the technological conditions present in the metallurgical processes is necessary to guarantee significant progress in this field.  -  Prof. Dr. Rob Boom, Chairman of 4th STEELSIM.



The 4th STEELSIM 2011 International Conference was held from 28 to 30 June 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany simultaneously with the METEC exhibition. During the 3 day meeting conference participants heard 110 lectures at the 18 sessions.